Pieces of My Life on a Wednesday Afternoon

Yes, this sickness has not left me. It is a nasty flu. While the worst days for the men in the family were Sunday through Saturday last week, I think my worst days were Monday and Tuesday of this week. To think that I thought I had it beat by sleeping all day last Wednesday. I pushed myself too hard Thursday - Saturday. So, I had to suffer on Sunday - Tuesday. About an hour ago, the drag on my body seemed somewhat lighter. So, I think I am on the upswing. I will continue to rest, rehydrate, and read (The Three "R"s!) to make doubly sure. Lorraine tells me that some people she knows have had it up to a whole month. So glad we can all take care of each other in the family though because our worst days seemed to have been staggered with our order of sickness being Michael (Sun - Thurs), George (Mon - Fri), Paul (Thur - Sunday), and me (Sunday - Wed). As our pattern though, Michael and George always seem to get it longest and worst, and Paul next. Most of time I avoid the sicknesses altogether, but I didn't this time.

Sickness does have its advantages though. As a result of it, finished A Tale of Two Cities (a review is forthcoming), and I have made a big dent in Herodotus. I love the LANDMARK version that I stumbled across at the library. It has so many interesting maps and helpful footnotes. The pictures also make it so much more interesting. Two thumbs up from this classical history nerd.
Love it so much that I found a used LANDMARK Thucydides (History of the Pelopnnesian War) for $8.44 and ordered it from Amazon today since the library does not yet own a copy. My guess is that they haven't ordered due to the new hardback edition coming out.
I love it when a sickness doesn't have me so flat on my back that I can't revel in God. It has been fun to just have a few days to bask in the Word and His presence. Perfect for our Bible Book Club study of the tabernacle. I think I would have liked being a priest - except all the blood. I think that constant focus on the LORD and being in His tabernacle would have been great. I am glad as a New Testament believer I can be a priest because I am part of the priesthood of believers, and guess what? NO BLOOD! YIPEEE! Already been taken care of by Jesus.
All that said, I feel like I am tracking and enjoying. Been pondering too, and just feeling blue for some people. I feel so blessed right now. I want to share that with others. Seeing my need to intercede more and more these days, and I think I will do just that right now!
P.S. I ordered an Easter Bunny from Harry and Davids, and it came today. SO CUTE! It has all sorts of fun treats like gummy bunnies, moose munch, chocolate eggs, truffle, three pears, easter cookies. Fun treat for the family!
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