Been Too Long

I can't believe that I have not posted here since March 19th! I think I started one, but I never finished it.

Quick Rundown of "Life"

The Well-Educated Mind

One thing I did finish was HERODOTUS! Huge accomplishment for me. I am going to take a breather from history and jump to some poetry: Odes of Horace and Gawain and the Green Knight. I can't face Thucydides just yet.

The boys and I just finished studying WWII. They will go to the Evergreen Aviation museum on Saturday with Dee while Geo and I are in Tucson for Hannah's wedding. We are on track for everything in school except Michael's biology. He is behind in that.

The Well-Watered Soul

I have loved Bible Book Club. I love being in the Word like this. I am posting. So, I am absorbing more. I felt out of balance though with personal prayer, but I think this is much better. I have been prioritizing prayer FIRST in my discipleship times with others too. This has helped.

We wrapped up Romans 6-8 in March, and I will wrap up the Abraham study on April 15. Then, I will just have Bible Book Club, and that is what Kim and I will do for our meeting time now.

Wellness in Body

I was going well. My back went out in February. I had to nurse it for a while. I was back to working out again. Then, I got sick. I am better now. I am weight-lifting, walking, riding the bike, doing elliptical, and ballroom dancing. I still have ten more pounds of all the weight I put on while helping my mom in November, but I feel like I am on the right track and eating well and in control. So, I am encouraged in this area and hope to see that ten go away soon!

Wellness in Spirit

I love everything about my life right now. I feel such a love balance of the input of support and encouragement and the output and investment God has called me toward. It is lovely to be in a safe and supportive environment now. All the years of waiting on the LORD for the right fit, church-wise, make me so appreciative of what I now have. SCC is a precious and wonderful place. I am so very grateful!

Yet those who wait (hope in) the LORD
Will gain new strength
They will mount up with wings like eagles
They will run and not get tired,
They will walk and not become weary (Isaiah 40:31)

Thank you dear LORD for giving me strength and helping me soar.

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