A Good Kind of Tired

Had my first really good workout since my back spasm three weeks ago. It felt so good to do interval training on the elliptical and lift heavier weights in Group Power. I am not up to my full weight yet, but I was able to increase it, and I have a bit of soreness, and I feel that good sort of physical exhaustion that comes from expanding your lungs beyond what they have been used to doing. Feeling good today.

We taught our first digital photograhy class at 4-H today. There are more kids who will be joining next month because the movie making class overlapped with this class. So, we just took the two girls in the class out to a park and took a ton of pictures. Their assignment was to just SHOOT, SHOOT, SHOOT and take a mass quantity of pictures versus trying to get a perfect shot. It was a nice day for it too. Very nice girls too. I love this homeschool crowd. I wish we would have joined them a long time ago, but I didn't know we were invited.

We came back to a light school day. I realized we have 61 lessons of World History and only 51 days of school left if we want to be done by Memorial Day weekend, but this is because they started the online class later than we started. I don't see it as a problem though. While the first half of this class had at least one quiz, one online response writing project, and one discussion board answer a week, the second half of the class only has one online response and two discussion boards for the remaining 12 weeks! I also only has the weekly quiz for the next seven weeks. There is also no final exam, but there is a final paper. We will double up our days on the days there is just online reading. So, I don't see any problem catching up those two weeks and even getting ahead by a week so that they have much of May to write their final paper. Michael will be done with his classical literature class and may even be done with his math class by then too. So, he will be able to devote more time to the final paper. With Paul, I will walk him through that final paper process since he is younger. I know Michael will have no problem doing it on his own.

Speaking of Michael, I am amazed at how he has grown in the area of getting things done on his own. I was shocked when he came up on Monday night during Bible Book Club and got his classical lit books so he could do Agamemnon. He was doing that because we had gone to the beach on Monday and skipped school. He knew he needed to do it to stay on track.

I am also amazed that he seems to actually enjoy this classical literature course. He is also writing everything without complaint and just asks me to come along and proofread it until he submits it. He is also writing out all his study questions for biology. This makes it so easy to review the sections of biology with him.

So, it has been a great year. I am pleased.

I am rambling. I am a good kind of tired, but I am going to go to the club RIGHT NOW and work out again. Just a light cardio day today. I will bring A Tale of Two Cities to read. It is nice because Becky is doing Proverbs 3 for tomorrow. So, I have had five out of the last seven days off from Bible Book Club. This has given me some extra time. I am so grateful to Katrina and Becky for taking Thursdays and Mondays for me too!

Off I go. Hard to get off the couch, but I need to do it!
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