Feeling the Music of Out of Africa

I made Challah bread to go along with the White Chicken Chili I am making in the crock-pot. As I knead, I usually pray for my children like Jewish moms through the centuries have always done. I love this, and I had this lovely soundtrack playing in the background. It was an unexpected thing that I inherited from my mom. It has given me great pleasure to listen to it and know she is listening to even better music right now.
Now, the dough is rising, the candles are lit next to the fireplace, and I just finished listening to "Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra in A" by Mozart. Now, I am listening to "Safari." It was dark and rainy while I kneaded my dough, but the sun is bursting out over my back as light rain still falls.
I love today and its peacefulness.
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