On Death and Dying

I haven't posted here for a while. So, I thought I would. Learned some tough things this morning: A homeschool mom died last night, another homeschool mom's liver is failing, and their family is, in their own words, "circling the wagons," my friend's dad is dying of lung cancer, our friend Bruce is dying and has weeks to live, and another friend from my old church is suffering from cancer and dying. On top of all of this, the three month anniversary of my mom's death is on Friday.

I am not one to question God's sovereignty. I don't feel any need to do so. It isn't because I am pollyanna about it. It isn't because I am super spiritual either. It is part of my genetics to look at life with a "What is, is" attitude (For your Myers-Briggs people, I am a very STRONG "S"). Suffering happens. Poo-Poo Occurs. People die. The reality is that none of us get out of here alive. I am just in a position this morning of asking God what He is teaching me through all of this when it seems like it is all coming in a big wave of a morning. I don't say this "What is, is" with any bit of coldness or callousness either. I feel these people and their pain. I want to DO something to help them! But what?

Interesting that the message I heard from the LORD this morning was to let everything that I do be done in LOVE today. This is a message for every day, but this is what I was reminded of as my life's calling and direction: a life of love.

So, how can I love today those people who are in such pain? That is what I am pondering and will continue to ponder throughout the rest of the day.

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