Sunday Morning

I got up before my sick family and enjoyed time with God by candlelight on this dark morning.

The first family member to arrive in my sanctuary was Paul at 9:25 a.m. So, nice to have 2 1/2 uninterrupted hours.

I also composed a detailed post for the Passover Sedar we will have on Good Friday. I am so glad that I had an equipment and food list stored in my "Celebrate the Feasts" file from fifteen years ago. We had the same number of people then when we did it with with the "Feasts Group." That was a hodgepodge of singles and career people. Funny thing was, NO ONE HELPED in the kitchen before the meal, and I did try to ask for it. "A" freaked out about boiling noodles and walked away from the boiling pot asking me to please do it (Geo ended up taking over). "S" had a "crisis" and was praying and crying in a downstairs bedroom. Many people with many issues back then. It is funny to look back at it now.

I was feeding a toddler (the only one with a child but a very happy and content child, YEAH Michael!) and working in the kitchen while everyone visited and chatted away in the living room. It was so strange. I just could not understand it. The good part: I was in the "zone" with the LORD that day and just prayed for the people and enjoyed myself. Hoping those people have learned to be servants being that many have children of their own now.

Made me not want to be in charge of another Passover with a big group of people again though! It was so much work!

Fast forward ten years, and I did it with the Wafers, Iszlers, Kings, etc, and EVERYONE pitched in and helped. Mary Ann hosted and was phenomenal! It sure makes for a very enjoyable meal when everyone carries the load!

I have no doubts that this new group, despite having small children will also be very helpful.

I am also very excited that Phil will be leading it! They have done this so many times, I am sure they will tell me if I missed something along the way.
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