Wellness in Mind and Body

This is the last little part of my "Well" report in terms of summer goals for my body!

Weight Control

I have finally gotten some of the pounds off that have crept up on me over the last few months. I am only four pounds away from my goal weight. This is the top of my range, but it is within the range. I am always creeping up 5-7 pounds above my goal weight. It used to be 7-10, but I want it to be zero!


It has been touch and go since my shoulder injury in March (?) on the exercise front, but I am healed from that. After that, I decided to get orthodics from a new business in town that does custom orthodics. BAD IDEA. She is new at it, and I am a very complicated from the waist down. I should have stuck with a podiatrist who makes plaster castes of my feet. She used the foam method, and it just has messed my right knee up something fierce. She wants me to keep coming back for adjustments to get it right, but in the meantime, I am in pain and I have to stop exercising and take a pain killer that makes me sick. I have to get out of the cycle because if my back goes out, I will REALLY be out of commission for too long. I am already precarious at this point, and I need to restabilize. I don't know if she knows what she is doing. It is quite frustrating.

So, all that said, I exercised 2 1/2 hours on Saturday and 4 hours on Sunday by doing all the work on Wildcat Park. The good news that I am not sore from that. I am just tired and resting today. On Tuesday, it is back to the elliptical and the weights. Actually, I might go to Group Power tonight at the club too.


As I said above, I am down. I am also eating fairly well. I was into too much munching, and that has subsided since Kim and I said we were going to record everything that we eat. It always does the trick for me, and I just need to do it all the time.

Summer Goals

1. I want to be in top shape for Debbie's wedding in two weeks since I have a form fitting gown and my shoulders and arms will be all exposed. ACK! So, I am continuing to hit the weights for my upper body.

2.I will try to work with the PT, but I am going back to my old orthodics until I am really strong. I can't afford to have by back go out this summer. If I can't work it out, I will be out 350 bucks because I don't think she has a money back guarantee. I know she is going to want me to come in again and adjust, but I think they are really off, and I should have just gone with what I have always done before because it works. SIGH. If my old podiatrist were in town, I would have just gone to him because he is so great!

3. Continue eating well and recording. I really want to be "within" my range, not at the top of it, but I am happy that I will be at the top of it by next week.

4. Have a complete physical and mammogram

5. Get knew glasses and maybe contacts

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