Friday Freewrite

A slower day. It was so busy most of this week. I love hearing the laughter downstairs as P is reading a book and telling M, "You have to hear this. This is hilarious!" Then, he reads a joke from the book that he is reading.

I sold my Math U See blocks today. It is sort of sad. :( We are out of that manipulative stage. We sold many things at the book sale. I brought an overflowing box and came back with half of one. So, it was a productive thing, even though it was so much work getting all the books together, but I cleaned out many shelves. I didn't spend more than I made, and this was the goal. I found a BJU Geometry set that retails for 135 for 35! It was a good book purchase.

This sale was so much more organized than the last one. They did such a great job, and I am so impressed with the coordinator. She LOVES doing this sort of thing because she loves the networking. George went with me and had to leave because he said he was on "estrogen overload." I laughed. :)

I have been filing and culling out papers in my file cabinet. Life is really a battle with paper. You can't let them overtake you. As it is, my "catch drawer" is all empty and my filing basket is too. I just have to find some more hanging files for my new SHAPE files. I am throwing out some of the old stuff too. I won't be needing it anymore.

Had a discipleship meeting at church with Jerome, Rick, Carey, and Vicki, and can I just say that they are such a nice group of leaders. I love being around all these people. They are so committed to seeing people come to know and love Jesus more and more. It was a peaceful meeting.

P came up to tell me the joke he was just telling M. I laughed. I love it when he sits really close to me like that. I think they are such fine men; but of course, I am prejudice. :)

Reading A Passage to India. I read over thirty pages this morning on the elliptical. The large-print books help when I am exercising. I LOVE this book. It helps for me to have a visual picture because I already have seen the movie. I hope the Book Dames aren't discouraged because of all the new vocabulary. I am learning it through context and not worrying about it. I think E.M. Forster is a BRILLIANT author. I loved A Room with a View, and this is just as good! I wish I were good at writing down all the brilliant passages. I love Mrs. Moore. I loved her musings on love. Forster is profound. I hope he was a good guy. I can't remember.

I woke up at 2:30 a.m. I figured I would get up and ended up staying up. So, I got lots of study time in Genesis, then exercise time, then reading time, then filing and organizing time, and doctor (I think George will be fine), book sale, and now just mellowing out and going back to the finishing touches on the office. My goal is to also get to the downstairs craft closet before we leave for Boise tomorrow, but I don't know if that is going to happen. Oh, I also listened to John Piper preach on a summary of Romans 1-7. OH MY! I love Piper. He really is my favorite modern theologian along with my man, Kenneth Boa. (Only I go ga-ga over men of the word instead of movie stars. I am so weird.)

More flowers are blooming. There are some pretty pink ones on the front bush. I love this neighborhood every season; beautiful flowers and people. Funny how lonely I felt at first impression. It took about a year, but the bread baking helped so much.

What will be my picture of the day? Should it be the book sale or the nurse drawing blood from George to continue my "appointment" theme of the week? Then, there are those flowers. :)

Kim S. and I talked for a bit yesterday. She was so sweet to say that I have no idea the influence I am having on her life. I like not knowing what I am doing, really It keeps me from getting a big head!

Realizing I am just loving the "unofficial" capacity that I am having now. I don't miss the pressure being in the WB class. I love the input that I am getting that exceeding the output in my life. It is a nice balance because we all know that . . .

your input exceeds
your output then
your upkeep will be
your downfall

I better get back to the grind. Still need to pack for Boise, but George knows that I will wait until the absolute last minute for that one! It is the Carol way. I just have to procrastinate and do everything ELSE other than pack that bag. It just is the way I operate when it comes to that dreaded deed!

BTW, I am only 1.4 pounds away from my goal weight! WOOHOO! My goal was to get to it by Debbie's wedding. I want to be careful tonight to not overeat and make that goal. I had a little bit of a munch on chocolate chips at mid day, but I am caught the hand to mouth and aborted the attempt at sabotage.

Also want to pray a bit more today, but even sitting here on the couch has been so good for my soul. I am at peace, and I want to carry it through the more hectic weekend that lay ahead.

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