"Daily Care" Goals

I had a goal of getting through all the closets in the house and I only have half of the craft room closet to go, and I am done with that goal!

I did all the kids' toys and books and under the stairs (with kids), their room, drawers, and closet, office closet, and my side of the master bedroom closet.

After this I am going to extend my summer goals (since it just started, and I am almost done!) to include for the month of July:

Bathroom drawers and cupboards
Office drawers
Kids' desk drawer
Craft room desk drawers
Kitchen cupboards, drawers, and pantry

Then, I will work on my scrapbooks in last July or early August. :)

I also want to purchase:

Four drawer file for downstairs so kids can put their drawings and paper projects in there
Tall book shelf to match the other one on the other side of computer table

After all of this, I want to encourage the garage and storage shed to be cleaned up by Geo and the boys!
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