An ADD kind of day

I had nothing on my calendar. So, I pretty much did just a little bit of this and a little bit of that, but I think I need days like that. I am so the "goal-oriented" lady that an ADD day is very good for me!

Did a little bit of Abraham study, a little bit of reading Eat this Book by Peterson, straightened up my half a the master bedroom closet, read a little bit of Hakim's first book to see if it is suitable for high school US History, looked into buying the first book, looked up some alternative history books on Amazon and at the library, looked at a few of the attractions in Washington, D.C. to scope it out for Aug of 2009, ate a bit of this and that, talked to the boys a bit, talked to Teala a bit, talked to Dee when she picked up the bird a bit emailed Cheri about getting together (I miss her!), emailed Tammy about Apologia Science, emailed Roger about the board meeting in July, emailed back and forth with Tori, emailed Rebekah, posted a bit on Lamp-post, took some pictures of flowers in my yard, printed off all but 4 timeline figure pages for next year's history lessons, watched Swing Time with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers (delightful). Not much finished or done, and I am sure I could have really been more efficient with my day, but I like ADD days now and then.

George is cooking sesame chicken and some Indian chipatis, and I am happy as a clam who is going to eat chicken. :)
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