Prayerful Review of Wednesday & Thursday

What gifts?

Chocolate and Sunflower Seeds from a Dial-a-Book client

Walking in a light rain

Thursday people-free day 

Where I felt the most alive and responsive:

Shaking the dust off of my feet of the early Wednesday morning derogatory remark made toward me! Getting out of the house and "doing the next thing" was so great!

Seeing "double" in my students - praying into how they are and how Christ longs for them to be. I extended it to the shut-ins I deliver books to. WOW! I even prayed for the person who called me a derogatory name. 

Doing two sweat-producing, face-paced Pilates classes with my students to upbeat and fun 60's,70's, and 80's music! Could not have put me in a better mood!

Doing book and flower deliveries and seeing delight on my patrons' faces!

Really WANTING to go and teach my night class for the first time this fall term. 

REST all day on Thursday. 

Treats and Poldark with George.

Practicing The Game with Minutes both days, even bringing Jesus white tea in a gold cup in the chair next to me. 

Where did I feel most dead and unresponsive:

Waking up to a being called a derogatory name on Twitter for asking a question about a statistic given in the documentary.

Rehashing what I would say to a person who caused me great pain. 

One practical thing that we an commit to that will express our love for God and others:

Encourage Rachel and Michelle as I meet with both of them today. Give Paul lots of love on his 22nd birthday! 

Yesterday's love:

THIS WENT SO WELL! - "See double" in my students: See them as Christ does - we see the person as he is and the person Christ longs to make him. (The Game with Minutes, p. 97) 

Good meeting. Conference call went really well (such a hard navigation when you have to evaluate someone's fitness for a job). The group wanted to meet on November 29, but it will not be a regular meeting. Just prayer and storytelling. It will be easier for me to prepare for. 

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