Prayerful Review: Days 3-5

Last time it was a review of 48 hours, but this will be almost 72! I don't think I will be doing this everyday, but I will do it when the Spirit leads me to do so!

Thanks to  God  for  the  gifts  received through  the last 72 hours:

Having an unexpected day off on Thursday from caring for Aunt Dot and having a "no obligations" day for most of it. I needed to catch up with myself after the whirlwind of vitriol I have read online (It is from both sides, but the majority is from Clinton supporters angry at Trump supporters.)

Composing a letter to my friend about being "Switzerland" in this election and having her tell me it was "life-giving." Then she posed a long post and tagged me because of my delivery of bread, and the overwhelming positive response to her open letter has been beautiful to see. 

A gracious, calmed down response to a person eliciting fears among people about the future after I challenged him to "be the change he wants to see in the world."

Rest, rest, rest on Thursday. I so needed it!

The gift of my husband's family. Taking care of Dot has been a privilege. Such an easy patient to care for.

The lovely people who visit her every day - 12 on Friday! 

A mother in law who is no-nonsense but also very caring.

A husband who is tops in my book! 

Notice  where  we have  felt  most  alive  and  responsive  in  the  past  72  hours:

When I took time to be alone and non-obligated on Thursday. I needed a recharge time for my soul. I really am 68% introvert as much as people do not want to believe that. 

Grading most of the extra credit papers of my students and getting a window into their souls. 

When feeding and helping Aunt Dot. Being an encouragement to her.

Singing "It is Well with My Soul" with Aunt Dot before the FLURRY of people came to visit her. 

A 45 minute break to walk to Lisa's and wish her a Happy Birthday (even though she was not home).

Talking to my mother-in-law.

Time with God on Friday morning up on the hill at the Newberg house meditating on the message of hope in Jesus' birth.

Walking in the Saturday Sunshine with my Sweetheart. Talking all day about everything. Sabbath Rest with my Sweetheart. Ahh.

Running into my OSU Basketball Coach, Aki Hill, on our Saturday Sunshine walk!

Nothing but "Little Carol" Love for my OSU Basketball Coach, Aki Hill! 

Supper and Supplication with Sweetheart and Sharla over ISIS in Iraq. Watch out world!

Listening to Sharla's heart about their fellowship.

Sitting on the couch on a Sunday morning talking with George (sweetheart above). 

Listening to the podcast interview with Trevor Hudson (the person who suggested this exercise).

The video Carol and Laura posted from that sports newscaster who did not vote for either and talked about Jesus. It was priceless. Do not know his name but bless him.

Talking to my best friend in Idaho over the whole political process. She and her husband did the same thing my husband and I did - voted for neither. It was a "safe" conversation. 

Notice  where  we   have  felt  most  dead  and unresponsive:

Judgemental comments from people who do not like the outcome of the election. (Observation: I hear little "gloating" from the people who voted for Trump but so much hate (who are saying people who voted for Trump are hateful) toward those who voted for Trump from the Hillary voting people. I know many of them are really unhappy in their personal lives (not all). So this might be part of the anger. My heart aches!) I am PURPLE and SWITZERLAND. So, I watch and am so sad, sad, sad. 

I was responsive, but it deadens me to think that my Afghan friend's brother was arrested and killed in Afghanistan by the Taliban for being an engineer! We have no idea what the world is going through. 

People putting down one of my relatives! Not happy!

Feeling fear when I got an email from someone I have felt best to move on from due to the toxicity of the relationship.

Imagine one practical thing that we can commit to do the next day that will express our love for God and others:

I will add on to this when I feel God giving me direction! And God did give me direction! I was walking to my lunch with Lisa; show love by listening to Lisa. So, I did a lot of active listening while she told me all about her incredibly stressful year. I had not seen her since November 5, 2015! We talked for four hours! Of course, Lisa is so other-centered that she had to ask me about myself too, but I made an effort, up front, to really listen, listen, and love, love, love Lisa (and of course, that is all in an alliteration). 

Follow Up from the last one: 

Pray for Peshmerga advance on Mosul. Few casualties (as per Sinor's request).  

(Update: YES! Sharla, George and I gathered around a map of IRAQ and prayed for over an hour for this important part of the world. It was a sweet time.)

Take care of and love on Aunt Dot tomorrow.

(Update: It is truly an honor and privilege to usher her into heaven.) 
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