Prayerful Review of Tuesday

What gifts?

Such a great group of women in our Kingdom Community

Prayer with this group

Good, honest, loving coworker

Restful day after Kingdom Community

Where I felt the most alive and responsive:

Praying and discussing the things of God

Learning from documentary "Now We Rise" on PBS

Watching the end of The Young Messiah - uplifting film

Where did I feel most dead and unresponsive:

Student asking for special treatment who has missed many classes

Early Wednesday morning: waking up to a being called a derogatory name on Twitter for asking a question about a statistic given in the documentary 

One practical thing that we an commit to that will express our love for God and others:

"See double" in my students: See them as Christ does - we see the person as he is and the person Christ longs to make him. (The Game with Minutes, p. 97)

Yesterday's love:

Lovingly lead my Kingdom Community this morning. Lovingly respond to the person on the other end of a conference call this afternoon. Lovingly say that we are breaking until after the first of the year. 

Good meeting. Conference call went really well (such a hard navigation when you have to evaluate someone's fitness for a job). The group wanted to meet on November 29, but it will not be a regular meeting. Just prayer and storytelling. It will be easier for me to prepare for. 

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