Prayerful Review of My Sunday

Thanks to God for the gifts received through the last day:

Friendship with Lisa

My lovely, stable, non-complicated, healthy church

Worship with Randy

Baked Brie in a Sourdough Loaf

Where I felt the most alive and responsive yesterday:

I might have done this two days ago and forgot to write it down. I really liked Trevor Hudson's podcast about his book Beyond Loneliness: The Gift of God's Friendship. I kept thinking, "Yes, yes, yes!" 

Face-to-face bonding with Lisa after one year of not even seeing each other face-to-face

Telling the Abraham story to Paul and George

Time in the car with Paul and George

Hearing my three men Skyped with each other (Paul and George with Michael in Southern Oregon) for over an hour

Poldark and 60 Minutes with George

Where I felt most dead and non-responsive yesterday:

Reading two very long, vitriolic timeline posts from two of my high school friends disappointed in the outcome of the election. There is a difference between grieving over the outcome and spewing hate. I know it is because they are scared, but it crossed a line. Many of my friends were like that for the first few days, but these two continued it making irrational claims about what our country would become and hatred toward those who did not vote the way they think others should have voted.  It was deadening. (Funny thing is that the overwhelming majority of my high school friends voted the other way and are very verbal about it. Who knew? I must have come from a very conservative town and never knew it!) 

Imagine one practical thing we can commit to that will express our love for God and others:

Talk with M about the story of Abraham today.

Yesterday's "love on":

I listened and loved on Lisa over lunch (another "L"!) 

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