Thursday Thirteen Freewrite

Google now has an online timer that comes up on the search page. Oh happy day. This will be great for my freewrites, but it will also be great for my attempts to get up every fifteen minutes to make sure my hip flexors are not in a set position for too long. 

George is home today, and I could not be happier. I have to prepare for a workshop on Saturday, get my hair done, and meet with Heather, but it is great to have him here until ten tomorrow morning.

It is Queen Elizabeth II 90th birthday today. What a great and consistent monarch she has been. Long live the queen. I am going to go and see those bells of Westminster ring in person. I cannot wait!  England, here we come!

This morning, I get to pray for more of the world again. Yay! I am very excited about. You can read my previous post about this great little prayer resource, Pray for the World. I am also going through Romans right now. I have listened up through Romans 9, but my studying has followed far behind. So I hope to catch up today. I need a "catch my breath" day because Monday-Wednesday were full and fun.

Tuesday was especially great. I am so glad that the Celebration of Discipline group has gone so well. It was a bit rocky at first when we set down some goals, and I realized that one of the people seemed not ready for the journey. Alas, she confessed on Tuesday that she was skeptical, but not she is totally on board. I saw such great glimpses of wisdom with her, but she was still a bit wrapt up in her journey of healing. Some people get so wrapped (Is it wrapt or wrapped? I think it is the latter, but this is a freewrite! So, I won't stop to check!) up in their healing that they don't integrate and invite the Lord into the process. It becomes this separate self-absorbed enterprise, and I think this can be very dangerous. Anyway, I think she sees the benefit of the integration. So, I am excited to finish out the journey with these two where I wondered about bowing out because it was not meeting the goals that I explained for the group. The turning point was also the half day in the Upper Room. It was very beneficial for all of us. 

God is very good. I am very excited.

With work on Monday and Wednesday, this disciplines group, and free lunch, it has been a busy three days. I tried to keep this day free, but this seemed to be the only day that Heather could meet, and I felt it was very important to meet with her this week. So, I will really have to focus this morning on the workshop that is starting in 50 hours! It is not like I have not done this before though. Seriously, it is like breathing for me. So, I am not too worried about the preparation for it, and Nessa is helping me. I just need to incorporate Betty Sue's great graphic on how storytelling affects different parts of the brain! So fun!

Well, I best be going. I think this ringer is going to go off any second. Nope. It goes off in 1 min and 20 seconds.

I am doing great health-wise. I am losing those pesky five pounds that came on because I focused on Pilates without doing cardio over the summer. There is such a balance between strength training and calorie burn. Yes, strength is super important in more efficient calorie burn, but you have to do the work of burning too. I have a nice balance, and I am also free of pain because of that concentration on Pilates. I need to go back to maximal strength training though.

There is the timer!
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