Thursday Thirteen

I had someone ask me about these "freewrites" recently. I explained many year ago what they are, but for those of you who don't know, they are a concept I learned about while schooling my kids. They would take a pencil to paper and write whatever was on their mind for 15 minutes without any fear of correction by me. They have comical reflections on what that meant to them as kids.

It was a way to "warm up" their minds to writing on a daily basis. I learned it from Julie at She did not think of the concept, It was popularized by Peter Elbow but created by Dorothea Brande (see  

So, when I started this blog in 2004, I was immersed in anxiety about my kids being able to write. Now, they are in college and excellent writers (both being tagged by two separate instructors as the "best writers in the class"). 

So, here I am today after a full and fulfilling week in Colorado. I spent three and a half days in Aurora at a Transformational (formerly Theophostic) Prayer Ministry Conference with Ed Smith and his son, Joshua. It was great and held at a wonderful black church! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. They were so warm and loving. Rockin' time.

Then I spent  four days in Colorado Springs visiting Anne and the US Headquarters of the NAVS. What a highlight to go back to Glen Eyrie! It was great to see Rusty Rustenbach and his lovely daughter Elisa! I was her nanny 32 years ago when they first moved to Spain. Warm, warm love and memories! 

Well, I know there are many things I could say here, and I think I even had an agenda for this freewrite. Hmmm. I cannot remember what it was! Regardless, my fingers and mind have warmed up. 

I think I will go pray now. I need to process everything that You taught me, God!!!! 

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