Saturday Morning Fifteen Freewrite

I am been up since 5 am. My tummy hurt a bit. I think I was hungry. I was so busy yesterday that I forgot to eat very much.

I barely sat yesterday, and this meant I burned just shy of 3000 calories without even a cardio workout (just Pilates and MELT which does not burn many calories). You know why?


I answered all my emails and did all my communication while walking. I did it at least three hours all together. (I was gone for M - W and was busy most of Thursday so I had a lot of catching up to do!) The only thing that I am sad about is that I noticed a blemish on the belt. It looks like it is vulnerable to tear. So, I will most likely need to get a replacement. Other than that, I wish I had done this when I first started looking at them about five years ago. Soon, I will do a video with me walking on it (maybe after I lose the 10 pounds I put on over the last 10 months).  

Well, I also had something else happen. I was walking and thought, "I bet my friend who teaches PE classes at OSU would know people interested in getting certified in Pilates!"  So I texted her to see if she knew of anyone, and she said, "NO," but she forwarded my message on to the director of PAC (Physical Activity Class). I am so excited and so GREEN! I have done Pilates for 12 years, but I have never led a class, but everyone who hears I am going to do it says, "Oh you would be so good at that." I told the director he would be taking a huge risk, but he saw from my resume (that I did on my treadmill desk BTW) that I have lots of teaching, coaching, and health motivating in my background which is very true. Plus, I know OSU! So, I am a bit excited and going to start praying that I have students with great attitudes! (Not like the bad attitudes I had among three girls in my British Literature class in 2010!)

Well, I better get on with my prayer and PURGING (paper purging is my goal today, and I only have the kitchen two drawer file left).

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