Sunday Morning Fifteen Minute Freewrite

Perfect time to let my fingers do the walking across the computer keyboard. I love that it is 6:15 am. It is a nice even number to start typing until 6:30. 

I had a lovely time at the coast hearing stories of three other lovely women. Good time. I need time with like-hearted peers. Someday, I would love to have like-hearted peers who also have the same outward focus interest. These three have a heart for prayer and are ministering to people, and that is really good.  They are all relatively healthy too. This is something I realize I need. I am sad to say that some of my long-time friends just are not getting healthier, and I am going to just be "the friend who stands by," but a part of me realizes that I need to move on to friends who are also a bit healthier so that I have some measure of mutual support. That is healthy for me. So, this weekend was a good investment (and cheap as another friend donated her house, and we ate inside the whole time because I brought so much food for Friday dinner that we could have it for lunch the next day).  

We told our stories, and it is so good to review God's goodness in our lives. I see how much God has preserved me by His great goodness, and I give all glory to Him.

You know, I am feeling that I should get to know Bond a bit better so maybe I will see if she wants to get together some time in the next couple of weeks. That will be really good. 

Well, I had a SLOW time with God (Stop, Listen, Obey, Worship), and He has such a wonderful sense of humor because August is to be a month of "P" activities:

Physical Health (weight, strengthening)
Pilates (get training to be an instructor)
Personal Training (explore my options)
Pain Management (MELT)
Precept upon Precept Bible Study
Peacemaking (waiting on Him for this one)
Paper Purge (this should be further up the list)
Paul (launch him with prayer and love)
Precious Remedies books

My back is doing really well. I sat a lot this weekend, and I have to say that I just did some proper sitting and foot fascia release and MELT roller (when I got home), and I have no feeling of pain from sitting so much. There is something about this MELT and Foundation Training, and Gokhale Method sitting and Pilates. I am doing so well!

I woke up at 2:30 am and forced myself to go back to sleep but got up at about 3:50 am. It has been great to have the morning for praying and thinking through some things (in addition to answering the "connector questions" I get on a daily basis). 

Well, my time is nearly up, and there are many more things I would like to do today. I will walk for the world before church. 

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