Monday Morning Freewrite

Well, here I go. It is 7 am, and I wish you joy, reader of this blog. Blessing upon blessing.

Well, I am on Day 4 of my treadmill desk, and all my days have had consistently higher calorie burns according to my BodyBugg. I do think that the desk could we raised more. I thought I was at a 90 degree angle. In some ways I wish I had gotten the one that automatically rises and falls, but it was a gift. So I did not pick the auto rise and fall model. I think that would have been easier than taking everything off the desk and putting it up a couple more notches. But I think that might be why I am experiencing some pull on my neck on the left side. Maybe not.

Another thing that I noticed was a blemish on the belt. I had not noticed it until the light was shining on it. It is on a part of the belt I do not walk on (the edge). So, I am thinking it happened in shipping. For this big ticket item, that is not acceptable. 

Now, I always have to have another person with me to elevate the desk. Hmm. Maybe I will exchange this one for the better one. I just think this up and down thing is going to become a big bother in the long run. I will ask them when they come to look at the belt. I would raise it right now, but there is no one awake. On the other hand, once I raise it to the correct height, it will not matter that I have the auto because I will be the primary user of this thing. Yes, definitely need it raised. I will just stop typing until people get up because I think that is the definite thing that is pulling on my back. 

On a happy note, I got all my papers purged from the file drawers with a 65% reduction in paper. Now, I am working on the chest of drawers papers, and I am almost done with that (small stack on  my kitchen desk). Then, I will look at the Women Becoming Stuff, although I purged most of that last year, and it is in a nice and neat pile in the chest of drawers. Yet, I am more ruthless in my purging these days. SO, I should look at it. 

George and the boys will do the bathroom wall in the guest bathroom (George wants to do the whole thing rather than just touch ups. For some reason, he is not keen on getting a fleck of paint and matching it even though all I talk to tell me that is very simple to do, but he can be stubborn when it comes to things like that).  George will do the bedroom wall. That leaves me with the guest room closet and drawers along with the entire kitchen. George and the kids did under the stairs with the exception of some boxes I have in there that have very old papers and Bible studies that I plan on being ruthless with!

Our battle is not against flesh and blood but against PAPER!

Well, only 10 minutes for this unedited freewrite, but I must go for a REAL walk outside!

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