Wednesday Freewrite

I love that I can talk to God seekers everywhere. I love the bird outside that is peaking at the grass and the walker walking by at Dawson Creek. I have not worked down here on the first floor of the Hillsboro Public Library for a very long time, maybe two years. It is not as busy as it usually is. Maybe because it is right before finals week, and there are not that many studying here these days. I like the downstairs because it faces the ponds and creek, and there are so many birds. It is a much better view than the parking lot.

I had a delightful walk around the Tualatin Hills Nature Park with Linda Dean. We met her on the boat in Europe. It was fun to hear about her upcoming adventure to China, and it was fun to reminisce about our trip last May/June. It made me want to go back and see that part of the world again. 

I am now listening to Jon Thurlow Soothing Worship, and I am enjoying it . My favorite YouTube videos of him were taken down this last week. I do not know why because they were not copyrighted works. So I am sad about that because I have been listening to them for two years! WAHHH.

Well, I am supposed to write for fifteen to make it an "official" freewrite, but I want to get to Genesis. 


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