Friday Fifteen Freewrite

I ended up having a free day today because Joanne moved to Dayton so we are no longer meeting on Friday mornings, and Kellie and I met last Wednesday instead of the Friday before so I am thinking we will also not meet today.

All that said, I am somewhat "stuck" in doors until the peak of the flowering trees is over. Even Zertex and Xlear nasal spray cannot stem the pollen attack during these peak days. So, I am working out indoors too today by going to Snap Fitness later on today. 

I have been putting the final touches on Genesis to have it available in a word processor for those who do not want to have to look online and read it backwards on the blog! 

I was challenged to be able to explain the process of transformation that God has brought me on in the last few months. I cannot articulate it other than He has gotten my priorities VERY straight, given me an accurate picture of my strengths, weaknesses, and limitations (not inferiority but accuracy - some would define this accurate picture as a step toward humility), given me a group to pour into, and been very confident of His calling on me. This newest calling toward a group that I have otherwise avoided has been interesting, but I am not afraid. I felt a bit misunderstood by one person in our little small group who gave me a prophetic rebuke yesterday, but she doesn't know me very well. So I asked God about it, and he laughed and told me to forget about it so I did. That is true growth! I haven't stewed on it. I just wanted to be open and teachable about what was said to me. And I discarded it. I am sure the person meant for it to be encouraging, but it was not. I asked a friend who knows me well if I "always" do what this person said that I do, and she said, "No." So that was also confirmation. It was strange, but it was not unnerving. I just needed to treat it rationally and objectively, listening to God's voice versus the voice of my emotions! :) 

So this morning has been very rich in review of God's word, and the word transformation came up over and over. I really feel like transformation continues because of making the choice to "Steep" in God's word. That has been really true in my life over the years and over the course of the Bible Book Club, I have had a running log of my reflections since 2007, and it has been so encouraging to have "updates" to previous reflections because I do not feel or act that way any longer. That is true growth!  YAY!

Oh, those flowering trees really look so inviting! Should I just risk it because the rain comes tomorrow, and it will be harder to walk? Hmm. I really need to think about it.

I have put on a bit of weight during the winter so I am attempting to lose that before we go on our 25th wedding anniversary trip in the summer! YAY! I am not too worried because it is not that many pounds, but it is definitely the highest I have been in many years, but it is still the low for what it used to be! I just like those love handles to be GONE. That is when I feel uncomfortable now, ,and it is my red light.

I had to discontinue my March fasting because of the allergies though. Not eating and taking Zertex was really upsetting my stomach! 

Well, I have three more minutes, but I am tired of writing, and I think I need to get up and walk around and do some household duties.

Bye. TGIF! 
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