Soup Psalm


My pen is the tongue of a ready writer.
I have so much that bubbles over in ink onto paper
I love the fragrance of the things you have made
All put together and baked together in a roll!

The smell wafting through my home of
Split peas and meat and spices are mingling together.
This will soon mingle with love and laughter
Of people who love You
Slurping it all down with a BIG soup spoon.

They are the mingling together of people You have made.
They spice the pot of fellowship
And the delicious aroma of the mingling
Makes You smell it and say,
“Ah, smells so good!
This is a soothing aroma and pleasing to Me!
I want to slurp these beautiful people up with a BIG spoon!”

Then You say,
“That is what will happen at the Revelation 7:9 time:
People too huge to count,
Ingredients of cultures, nations, tribes, races, and languages
Standing before me in one big spicy SOUP of humanity - -
Oh and the aroma delights every bit of me,
So yummy as they sing,
‘Salvation to our God on His throne!
Salvation to the Lamb!”
Falling on face before Me with praise.
I am satiated.
I am pleased
With this GOOD soup!”

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