Tuesday Morning Soothing Worship Freewrite

I am setting the timer for fifteen minutes and listening to my Creation to Christ recordings. I told someone yesterday (who was it?) that I was a little down (Oh, it was Michelle D.), and I listened to all these recordings on the way home from Newberg, and I was so encouraged by the end of my drive. There is something about listening to these recordings that let me see the "Bird's Eye View" of God's illustrious plan for all peoples. It gives such insight into the very character of God. :) 

It was a good talk with Michelle. It ended up being two hours! Ack! I did not expect to spend so much time doing that in the middle of the day. I tried to not do any work yesterday, but I updated the "Kingdom and Gospel in Luke" handout because I had made a HUGE mistake.

I also made the schedule for the September launch of the Kingdom Community Light. I am still praying into it and hope that God will bring people to it. 

I wonder if Calvary will have us come and give a training on what we do. :) 

I just finished listening to Jon Thurlow, Soothing Worship. I should find the link and put it on this blog. It is such a great 24 minute time of focus and worship. God is longing for us.

I had two days in a row of food recording! YAY! I am so glad that I am not alone anymore because Rachel and Katrina both decided that they needed to be accountable again. I got tired of sending in my reports without any response. I don't know what it is like to have multiple children (I think there are 11 between the two of them). So, I cannot fault them for not responding, but I was all alone. I just needed to focus again because other than a two week pull in in July and October and a one week pull in in January, I have been eating with abandon for the last fourteen months. 

The good news is that my average daily overeating has only been 116 calories!  That is all it takes to put weight back on. Thankfully I had those pull in times, but now I am looking at a five week pull in time versus 1-2 weeks to get things back in place. So, I am two days into this 35 day process. Only 33 more days to go! WOOHOO! I can do it. I have this rule that I will not do a Bible Book Club editing day unless I had a 1000 calorie deficit the day before. Yesterday, I was going to go out and walk, but it POURED. I thought I had a little break and was planning on a long walk, but about five minutes into the walk, I was SOAKED. So, I came home saying, "I will go to Snap Fitness tonight." Yah, right!  It did not happen. So, while my eating was awesome yesterday, I did not make my calorie burn goal! So, my deficit was less then 1000. So, there you go. I will not sit as long if I do not do a post. 

Here is my result from yesterday:

Oh there goes the timer. Here is a link to the Jon Thurlow "Soothing Worship":


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