Monday Morning Fifteen Freewrite

Ok, here we go. I am letting my fingers do the walking through the keyboard, and I will not let up for the next fifteen minutes.

I really like our Sunday afternoon group. The single men do not know what they are missing with all these wonderful single women! They are amazing in every way. They have great relationships and are sharing what they are learning about God with others. That is so great. 

They are also learning to abide which is a lifelong wonderful process of growth and maturity. One that I still continue to learn at every turn in my road. I sent them the "Soothing Worship" this morning because many of them had the application of being in God's presence after they meditated on Genesis 3, and the whole concept that Adam and Eve hid from God's presence, and all He wants is for us to stay in His presence which is abiding.  The words are, "I so want to be with you. Just look my way." The problem is that we hide behind the trees instead of walking with Him in the garden.

So I am looking Your way this morning God, and I am in Your full light as the morning light first hits my window. So much to be thankful for.

First, I am just really thankful for this wonderful group that we have on Sunday afternoons. I love that it is only six of us. I think I want to limit the size of our group to eight people every year. It just is a better size for everything: intimacy, accountability, relating, etc. I love it.

Second, I am so thankful for no back pain for the longest time. I am even more thankful that I do not even have tightness most of time, and I am thankful that when I do get the slightest bit of tightness, I adjust my posture, even while running and the pain goes away. So much of it is stretching those pecs by doing a shoulder role where I am squeezing my shoulder blades more together and using those muscles there (what are they called?) to do the work rather than rolling my shoulders forward. This so relieves the stress on my back. So weird how that all works together. Stretching vigorously has also really helped. The Gokhale Method has been that missing puzzle in my back being ten times better in the tightness department. I am addicted to my "stretch sit" pillow! YAY!

Third, I am so thankful that both of the boys have made their transition to a four year university with grace. I would love for Paul to be more involved in the social aspect of things, but I am glad he has adjusted to Michael being gone so well and is doing well in his classes.

Fourth, I am so thankful for the job that George has. I am strangely thankful that he IS up in Newberg for much of the week. Not because I want him to be gone, but I feel very confident that he is to be up in Newberg to be of help with his mom and aunt. It is really quite a small sacrifice for me to not have him during the week, and I can always orient my week to go up and see him too. I really need to reserve Thursdays and Fridays to do that, but this Thursday, that is not possible since I have the prayer summit on Tuesday morning.

Fifth, I am really thankful for prayer. What would I do without a way to communicate with You. You are not a God far off but is near to me, in my heart. Thank You God for this. You are very near.

Sixth, I am thankful for Your Word. What can I say? It always seems to be appropriate for what is happening in my life. That is the way of Your Spirit to speak to me through it.

I am praying for opportunity to do a little three-minute study with two friends this week. I really would love to tell Creation through the Fall to someone in my network of relationships. Would you bring that about, God? 

Well, I have about three more minutes on the Freewrite, but I am ready to get to Jeremiah since Karen is coming at 9 am, and I have not made much headway in the last few days. I would also go for my walk, and now that daylight savings time has occurred, it is lighter earlier in the day. So I hope to at least take a walk around the block.

OK, now it is only two minutes to go. I am off to Jeremiah, and I am sending this without a proofread. :) 
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