40. The Unshakable Kingdom and the Unchanging Person by E. Stanley Jones

 I started this book on my trip to Europe in May. I thought for sure I would read it on the 10 hour plane flight, cruising down European rivers, and on the flight back; but NO! There were too many great movies on the plane that I really wanted to see, and I had too much fun touring European cities and talking to interesting people on the boat to read. I wish I had not taken it with me and just stuck with shorter books on my Kindle if I were desperate (and I never was!).  So, it sat in my "TBR" (too be read) pile for too long until I had a stack of seven books to read, and this is the last of the seven! 

This is a GREAT book! It is one that needs to be read in small chunks and savored. I believe that concepts of the Kingdom of God in Dallas Willard's Divine Conspiracy come from E. Stanley Jones' excellent writings! Prepare to have your spiritual brain stretched!

Rev Eli Stanley JonesI also recommend his book, The Christ of the Indian Road. Of the two books, The Christ of the Indian Road is a much easier (and shorter) read. But both are excellent! 

I wish I could have met E. Stanley Jones. He was a contemporary of Ghandi. How cool is that? This will probably not be the last book I read by this great and godly man! 

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