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Monday Morning Fifteen Freewrite

The fifteen minute timer was beckoning this morning. It is a beautiful day for a walk, but it is still pretty cold outside (25 degree F) so I will wait for it to warm up a bit more before I venture out. 

I also have a couple of listening prayer appointments today so I need to sit a ton today so I will definitely need to walk before the first one and between the first and second one.

My back is doing great. I found this YouTube video about how to break up the fascia in your feet (because she says that runners have gnarly feet), and it miraculously releases tight hamstrings, which is a big part of why I have the tight back (not out or in pain anymore just tight if I sit too long or forget to stretch or sit too long and then go running). It really does work which is so weird. But BOY does it every hurt my feet! I have my massage therapist start at my feet now because that is the source of much of my issue. 

So I am on the mend. I am probably at 90% now, and I need to constantly be mindful of keeping myself limber and not sit too long. That is the rest of my life if I want to be free of pain.

My eating has been great! I gave myself grace for Sunday because we had snacks at our Kingdom Community meeting. So I tend to eat more when I am in community, and the stats prove that. I found this really cool article with all this data about weight gain. Nothing was surprising but it was nice to have it backed up with FACTS versus FALLACY which is so much of "diets" today!

I should put a link to that article while I am thinking about it. But I will do it after the freewrite so I can keep on typing as I am supposed to do with a freewrite. 

Speaking of writing, I wrote out the WHOLE story of Noah for the first time. In the past, I have just done "key verses" for the Discovery Bible Study, but it was good to do the whole thing, but it was 9 1/2 pages in my journal. Then I wrote it again in MY WORDS for another 9 1/2 pages. So last week was a lot of writing! ACK!!!

Back to the eating, I wanted to get down to a lower weight before the holidays, and I was too afraid to weigh myself because I thought I had gained a ton of weight over the last month, but I had not! YAY! I felt God said to weigh myself and "Do not fear," and I was so encouraged that I have not gotten out of control. It was just a little bit, and I am very close to my medium frame weight (my goal is to always be within single digits of it and then course correct as it creeps up). So, YAY! I am still in single digits! 

So, I have been counting calories and posting them to Rachel and Katrina and told them I would owe them 100 dollars if I did not do it last week. So, money talks for me, and I did it! 

YAY! I just overeat a BIT when I am not counting. My goal is to not overeat at all AND not count calories, but I am not there yet. I have a hard time knowing where the line is, but when you are only overeating maybe 100 calories a day, that is a very FINE LINE that is hard to know because 100 calories could be an extra orange! Not much at all. So, I continue to count if I inch up.

BUT I am so much better than two years ago when I was almost 25 pounds heavier! I have not gained it all back and have kept most of it off for 1 year and 7 months! YAY! I am going to keep it off forever, but I need to keep on learning little by little. 

Had a sweet time in Kingdom Community praying for each other. It was very nice.

Well, my time is almost gone, and I want to find that article to put a link here. I have to go to Facebook to do it. I need to get up and not sit any longer. Maybe I will go to SNAP Fitness so that I do not have to be out in the FREEZING COLD weather! LOL!  Bye!

12 Graphs that Show Why People Get Fat

Here is the graph about social environment affecting overeating. So TRUE!:

The Social Environment and Food Intake
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