You know that Core Value Prayer Study I mentioned in my last post? Well, the references are exactly the number of days between the Super Bowl and Easter this year. So, I am issuing a challenge for people to do that with me by applying the verses in this study on a daily basis. The passages are short every day and great for a devotional time in the morning. The applying and accountability will be the tough part. Find a group to journey with for accountability to apply God's Word for 76 days! 

Here is the handout I created with the calendar on the last page:


(It is authored by David Watson, and I have a message into him to ask him about the first reference. It does not seem to fit. So if you want to skip it go ahead, I think it is supposed to be 2 Corinthians and not 1 Corinthians and is already later on in the study.) 

DO NOT MISS THIS: "Seek God for the City 2014" app is a great way to apply all you are learning about prayer. (You can also order it in different formats, but I like the app for walking and praying.) That starts on March 5th! I did it last year and had SO MUCH FUN praying for my city!!!! If you live in town, I will walk and pray with you!!! :) Please contact me. I love to prayer walk with people. 

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