FACED Accountability

I wanted to go a bit deeper about what I do for accountability.  Many years ago, I started a group called FACEyourday. 

Here is the group description:

Get ready to FACE your day with accountability and support from friends!

FACED is an accountability group that focuses on balance in the following areas:

F: Food - What are your goals for eating right?
A: Academic or Attitude - What are you feeding your mind?
C: Communion - How are you communing with God and others?
E: Exercise - What are you doing to tune your temple?
D: Daily Care - What are your goals for taking care of your loved ones and yourself?

Here is an example of my FACED for yesterday that I just sent to my two accountability partners.

Jan 3 - 1156 Deficit 
.2 pounds away from chai tea! Thank you so much. Accountability works!!  
F: 1333 – Finally into a groove of recording again. 19Pro/52Cho/29Fat/11Sat. Calcium 1082 because less milk yesterday (1200 at 50+ years old) 
A: Glanced at Chronicles of Downton Abbey. Watched The Dark Knight with George. 
C: Genesis 3 and the baptism of Jesus in John and Matthew. Yummy! I went on a walk with George instead of a private praise walk.

E: 2489 – Walk, Pilates, Weights, and Elliptical! My first full workout day since October 10! I have NO BACK PAIN this morning! YAY! I have worked back into it slowly with only going 4.4 pounds over my maximum. Pretty good considering my low calorie burn due to my back and Christmas goodies.

D: Dentist appointments made for all. Started taking down Christmas extras (George took the tree down for trash recycling on Monday). Opted out of a family date to watch The Hobbit so I could work out and have some time alone at home (daily care of myself). Glorious!
When I started it with others we had up to twelve members, and that was too big. I like 3-4 people in each group. Easier to respond with encouragement to others!

Tomorrow I will talk about the BodyBugg!
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