Update on Photo Book Big Hairy Audacious Goal

Current BHAG of getting my photos done:

Here is my progress, in red, from my list last week:

2007-2011 Carol365 is DONE!

2007 ALL - BOOKED and need to journal 

2008 ALL - BOOKED and need to journal 

2009 ALL - ORDERED at Snapfish (I thought I already had, but I remember I went to Shutterfly to make their deadline and didn't order. I would go totally with Shutterfly but all these photos are either unprocessed on CD backups OR on Flickr. So, too much of a hassle to redo OR download from Flickr and upload to Shutterfly if already in the "bag" at Snapfish.)  

2010 ALL  - ORDERED at Shutterfly

2011 Family - Up to July 18 UPLOADED to Shutterfly BUT NEED TO INCORPORATE MORE SEA
2011 Michael and Paul - PRINTED and waiting to be book

(Should I do books for SEA and Mexico or just order the prints?) - Just ordering prints. Too expensive and a hassle. 

Made book for Michael's Senior Year - Will order on Shutterfly as soon as I can get free shipping

2012 Carol365 to #238 - PRINTED and waiting to be booked 
2012 Michael and Paul to 7/1 Culled  - Need to upload and order (may wait)

2012 Family ORDERED to March 31 at Snapfish
2012 Michael and Paul after 7/1 - Nothing
2012 Family after 7/1 - Partially processed 

(Should I do a book for our East Coast trip or just order prints? - SO MANY PICS - too expensive. 

2008-2009 Christmas - Ready to scrapbook
2010 Christmas - Uploaded to Shutterfly and will order at next sale
2011 Christmas - Need to process and cull 

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