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Well, I am narrowing in on my goal of finishing these books in 2012, and I am home bound due to back issues. So, I think it will be a reading day since I have two of these books waiting next to my bed. Here are the final books to be had:

1. All the King's Men
2. Catch 22 (next to my bed)
3. A Farewell to Arms
4. House Made of Dawn
5. The Plague (next to my bed)


This was my first book about the classics, and I love it. I began reading books from that list in August 2002 (The Divine Comedy and The Brothers Karamazov), but it got hijacked by The Well-Educated Mind list (but many of the books overlapped).  So, I am also reading books from this list. I love this list and the book questions because they get at the intersection of the classics with Biblical values.  Here are the 17 books I have left from this list: 

Ancient 9/12

  1. 425 Peace - Aristophanes
  2. 425 Frogs – Aristophanes
  3. 384 Nichomachean Ethics – Aristotle
Medieval 10/13

  1. 1265 Summa theologica – Aquinas (Reading: prayer and contemplation)
  2. 1400's The Second Shepherd’s Play
  3. 1536 Institutes of the Christian Religion – Calvin

Early Modern 15/21
  1. 1633 The Temple – Herbert
  2. 1670 Pensees – Pascal
  3. 1746 A Treatise Concerning Religious Affections – Edwards
  4. 1759 Essays and Rasselas – Johnson
  5. 1791 The Life of Samuel Johnson, LL.D. – Boswell
  6. 1787 The Federalist – Hamilton, Madison, Jay (on iPod)

Modern 22/30 
  1. 1864 Apologia pro vita sua – John Henry Newman
  2. 1843 Fear and Trembling – Kierkegaard
  3. 1874 Middlemarch – Eliot
  4. 1888 Twilight of the Idols – Nietzsche
  5. 1914 Dubliners – Joyce (on iPod)
  6. 1935 Four Quartets – T.S. Eliot
  7. 1942 Go Down, Moses – Faulkner
  8. 1950 Waiting for God – Weil (reading) 

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