The Well Update Freewrite

I have not been taking time to write lately. So I will do a short update before my day gets going.

Well-Watered Soul/Well-Adjusted Heart 

I had every intention of getting through Acts this September, but I bogged down at the stoning of Stephen and decided to take more of a break. I have been walking and praying and enjoying God's presence. That is nice. Yesterday was a day of agitation that I have not experienced in quite a while. I think it was because I started the day saturated in Pandora praise. Not the contemporary stuff but old hymns set in a contemporary style. I danced around the kitchen and just loved my morning. Then I had a little back scare as I put something in a lower shelf. That made me fearful of ten million things.

I took the kids to their ortho appointment and started out rattled but ended up at peace. That continued when Paul had piano, and I went back to sitting in a chair and praising more. 

Maybe the enemy didn't like my morning?

Well-Educated Mind 

I am so close to finishing my 2012 "Great Books" goal. I am listening to All the King's Men and reading The Plague. I have some time between dropping Paul off at school and lunch with Mary. So, I plan on doing some reading during that time, not having my photos in front of me to beg me to finish them.

(Part of my stress might be due to the fact that I am SO CLOSE to finishing two big goals for 2012, and that "straining toward the finish line" usually involves stress for me. I realized I needed to chill out and forced myself to lay down last night.)

Well-Tuned Strength

After probably six weeks of not even a tight muscle in my back, I had an episode that put me in bed for two days. I think it was the combination of sitting doing photos and not being as diligent about getting up and taking a walk around the block and doing my squats and core strengthening. My exercise was there, but it was half-hearted. I realized this and went and lifted weights at the club, and pulled that same left side muscle that goes all the way down my back, parallel to my spine. It was tight and alright, but Dr. Koen's receptionist couldn't get me in for three days. When I got there, barely able to move, she scolded me for not telling her that I was hurting. I called her BACK after scheduling and asked her to PLEASE call if there were any cancellations. That should have implied I was pretty desperate, but I realize you really have to spell everything out with her. But no matter, he popped the leg, and I am on the mend, doing my exercises once again.

I am going to the PT for a good regiment for my back that doesn't involve weight machines. I keep hurting myself. 

BHAG Photo Update

  • Christmas Scrapbook 2007-2011
  • 2007-2008, 2010 ALL
  • 2009 Family and Paul
  • 2010-2011 Michael's Senior Year 
  • 2012 Carol365 to Day 238

------To Journal: 
  • 2009 Michael
  • 2011 Michael and Paul
-------To Put in Book and Journal : 
  • 2011 Family
  • 2012 Family to March 31
2012 TO DO:

  • 2012 Michael and Paul to July 1 Ready to UPLOAD to SFly
  • 2012 Family April 1 to current - SELECTED but need to CULL
  • 2012 Michael and Paul 7/1-current - SELECTED but need to CULL
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