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Labor Day Freewrite

After almost a one month hiatus, I am back to Acts for the month of September. YAY! I pretty much worked on Acts 1 all of August without ever finishing it, and I am determined to finish it today. I have missed it, but I have also really appreciated the break during my vacation and break after I finished the whole Old Testament in the second week of August. My brain has born new pathways of power for writing. That is lovely. :)

I was supposed to do a walking study through OSU. I totally forgot about it. I should write that guy, but I also know that my goal has been to finish up my long overdue project of getting all my pictures printed and in books. It was only because 2007 was such a hurdle of pictures (10,000). I love to take them, but I don't have the time to process them. I also don't have the expensive software to process them, and I probably will not. Some day I may do the "artsy photography" route because I have the eye, but I do not have the time. Post processing and sitting in the chair is too much on top of trying to write for the Bible Book Club, and I think the Bible Book Club is my destiny and calling. I  do not know where it will go from here, but I am determined to see that through to writing completion in 2013 and editing in 2014. Then we can see about doing more photography.

I found MOST of 2010 on CD's but July - October 23 was missing. I honestly do not think that I took that many pictures during that time because my back was so bad, but there are two significant events that I regret losing: George's dad's  memorial at Willamette National Cemetery and the Digital Double Immersion Program in Redmond. I had a wonderful time walking through Redmond, but I am pretty positive I did not take my camera because of the strain on my back. I know I took some pictures in the studio, and they are totally gone. I had uploaded one party that we went to in August and taking our friends to the airport too. So, really it is just the memorial service because I had videoed Paul getting the flag and the things said at the service. I had also gone to the side of the funeral home and taken pictures of them loading the casket. I don't know why I was not uploading to Flickr that year because I paid for the subscription. My back was just too much for me to sit in a chair to even upload picture. 

All that to say is that I did have about 600 pictures to process and cull. I did that in two days. That is so different from the two months it took me to process 2007. I also didn't do a Carol365 for 2010. So, I am only printing up about 250 pictures as opposed to 365 + 200-400 extras. That is nice.

I think I will discontinue doing 365 but still blog my pictures. The camaraderie of 365 with a group of dedicated  individuals is gone. So, I am a bit sad about that, but I will post the "Best of 2013" to Flickr or a Blog. That is a fun discipline. I love it. :)

So, this is the status (according to my spread sheet): 

2007-2011 Carol365 is DONE!

2007 All - Need to journal 

2008 All - Ordered from Snapfish (due 9/5-10)

2009 All - Ordered from Snapfish (due 9/5-10)

2010 Family - Culled - Need to upload and order
2010 Michael and Paul - Foldered - They need to cull

2011 Family - Culled - Need to upload and order
2011 Michael and Paul - Ordered (Shutterfly due 9/5-10)
(Should I do books for SEA and Mexico or just order the prints?)

2012 Carol365 to #238 - Ordered (Shutterfly due 9/5-10)
2012 Michael and Paul to 7/1 - Culled  - Need to upload and order (may wait)
2012 Family to 7/1 - Unsure - will check
2012 Michael and Paul after 7/1 - Nothing
2012 Family after 7/1 - Partially processed 
(Should I do a book for our East Coast trip or just order prints?)

2008-2009 Christmas - Ready to scrapbook
2010 Christmas - Culled - Need to upload and order

Although it may not seem like, I am very close to finishing this, but I am giving myself until December 31, 2012 to finish this goal. So, I will plan accordingly. I plan on spending nights through the fall journaling in the books!  I might have "craft nights" with others for doing my Christmas Scrapbooking too. 

Well, I really need to get back to Acts 1. I am so close to finishing I can taste it. I can also taste my Chai Tea that has finished brewing and is in my "heaven cup."  

Happy Labor Day!
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