How I Spent My Labor Day

George says that the purpose of Labor Day is to rest from your labors, but I worked all day on pictures!  

Here is my progress, in blue, from yesterday's list:

2007-2011 Carol365 is DONE!

2007 All - Need to journal 

2008 All - Ordered from Snapfish (due 9/5-10)

2009 All - Ordered from Snapfish (due 9/5-10)

2010 Family - Culled - Need to upload and order at next sale
2010 Michael and Paul - Foldered - They need to cull CULLED and PAUL UPLOADED

2011 Family - Culled - Need to upload and order
2011 Michael and Paul - Ordered (Shutterfly due 9/5-10)
(Should I do books for SEA and Mexico or just order the prints?) JUST NEED TO JOURNAL IN SEA BOOK, organize a bit more in Mexico (Still don't know if I want to spend the extra money!)

2012 Carol365 to #238 - Ordered (Shutterfly due 9/5-10)
2012 Michael and Paul to 7/1 Culled  - Need to upload and order (may wait)
2012 Family to 7/1 - Unsure - will check PROCESSED AND CULLED through April (bulk of day spent doing this because I had not done it for our Hawaii or Spring Break trips. 
2012 Michael and Paul after 7/1 - Nothing
2012 Family after 7/1 - Partially processed 
(Should I do a book for our East Coast trip or just order prints? - SO MANY PICS - too expensive. 

2008-2009 Christmas - Ready to scrapbook
2010 Christmas - Culled - Need to upload and order
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