"Your Life is a Vacation"

I was at a reunion with college friends yesterday. I was telling the women that we are determined to take a vacation this coming year, and one of the ladies (who I am not as close to) said, "Your life is a vacation."  I wasn't sure what she meant, but I debriefed with my friend Jean in the car afterward, and Jean thought it was a friendly way of saying that I was a "housewife" and didn't work. Being a fellow "housewife," Jean went on to explain that when people say that, she said she refused to feel guilty about it because she has raised three very healthy children who love the Lord and are doing well in life. She has managed her home well.

I didn't feel guilty about what this woman said (she was the least close of all the people in attendance), but I did wonder why she didn't inquire about whether I worked or not. I do work! And not just at "housewife" duties either! I probably spend a good 40 hour working every week!  I just don't draw a salary for it, but I could do that if I chose to do so.  Our agency has an account all set up for us to do just that, but we chose not to since George works full-time. We are 100 percent volunteers but 100 percent employed in work for our agency!

Just sayin'
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