I need to leave in a few minutes, but I thought I would write. Nothing much to say. Today turned out to be a much mellower day than I expected. I was going to walk with Michelle at 6, meet with Noha at 8, and Michele at noon. All three had to cancel. So, I had from the time I got up until a few minutes from now that I wasn't expecting. It will be good to ease into my vacation with less activity. That was my last time with Michelle, and I don't think I can meet with her tomorrow because I want to be able to say good-bye and thank you to Melinda for all her hard work on Ultimate this summer. Also, kids might be coming over afterward. Maybe I can meet with her after I come back from vacation.

God opened the door for me to stay at a beautiful beach house next week. I am so happy. I need some time alone and time to read and pray and sleep. I am tired, and I think a couple of days at the coast will be just what I need. :)

Well, I better take Paul to the Ortho and piano. I will shop for the fam while he is at piano. :)
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