Oh Dear . . . It has been quite long

This blog has become a very low priority as of late. I had a too busy couple of weeks that made me see the need to cut back and decide to make a vacation a bigger priority than it had been. I plan on getting out of town at the end of next week. I am still praying about where that might be.

All that to say that I am having a delightful weekend ALL BY MYSELF! I forgot how much I enjoy being here all alone, and it seems like it hasn't happened for more than a few hours in quite a very long time!  Last year, when the boys went on their camping trip, I had unexpected, out of town, strangers (who soon became friends) in Travis and Hilary Shepard coming to stay here while they attended the TOAG training at Joe's. I was looking forward to that weekend, and I think I did have maybe a half a day to myself when they took off. I can't remember now. I may have even had one of the two night to myself but not one whole day here alone. Today is that day, and it has been heavenly!

I got up before dawn for prayer and time in 1 Peter, drank some chai tea, and started the fast at sunrise. Yes, I am fasting. I am not a Muslim, although I am submitted to God. So, in that sense, I am. :) I wanted to do it to feel what they feel during this month and make it more comfortable for them to have me over without feeling the need to serve me anything!  I have more to say about, but it has been excellent. It has helped me to focus and also to reign in my eating. I do miss the water during the day though. It is a LONG time to go 14 hours without any water, but the days have not been too terribly hot, and I do most of my exercise (today being the exception) so that I can take drink (5:45 am Group Power allows me to drink for 1/2 of the class).

After sunrise, I spent more time in 1 Peter. I forgot how much I LOVE this book! It has brought back warm memories of doing it in Malaysia (more than once, in fact). I also did it in the summer of 2000 after Colossians with Stacy, Teala, and what was her name? Can't remember. That was a good time to do it, since Stacy began to bring more an more drama and trials to my life, and I was able to endure them. Her life went down the tubes a few years later (divorce and abandonment of her children), and I don't regret standing up to her abuse and speaking truth, even though she did not want to hear it. What a very sad woman.

Then, I took a walk/run up Glen Eden going the opposite way that I usually go so that I would end up at Lisa's house (which is en route) at exactly 8 am for speaking about The Art of Racing in the Rain. It only got a 6.8.  The three of us were not wild about it, but the women not there had given it higher scores.

After that I ran down the hill home.  Then, I did something I haven't done in quite a long time, perhaps two years. I did The Firm Time Crunch Workout! I loved it, and it was hard. It is a MUCH better workout than Group Power at the club! It burns many more calories (I think 30%).  It was challenging weight-wise too. Maybe I should just quit the club and do that and running/walking/biking/hiking like I did for so many years. I have to think about it.

Then, I took a shower and puttered a bit in the office cleaning up. I have also read Gandhi. I like him and want to rewatch the video. Terry Henry stopped by to pick up the Algebra I book, and now I am in bed and watching Persuasian. I got it for 4.99!!! It completes my Austen DVD collection. I did not have a copy of this movie. :)

Well, I have already laid out my dishes and even candelabra for breaking the fast tonight.

I love the quiet. I love my men, but it is nice to have quiet too. :)
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