Wellness of Body

I am on a roll today. Just feel like writing down thoughts as they come to mind. It feels so good to sit comfortably the last two days. I didn't push it last night by sitting through a three hour movie though. That was good for me to say no to that because I had sat through church and the party at Noorul and Khairol's house. Both days I got up and did my moist-heat with the Thermophore pad (best purchase of 2010), back and hamstring stretches, and any core strengthening exercises I need to do from Parwana. I wasn't able to do that on Saturday before the morning of prayer, and I paid for it later on in the day. Once those little pain receptors in my back find friends to join them, I am all bound up. Better to be preventative and get the little ones smoothed out in the am after my night of sleep. 

So, I am in no pain and have no tightness. What is funny is the pain is very minor now, it is more "nagging" than anything. So, it fools me into believing it isn't that bad, but it really affects everything I do.

So, my body is well. I am trying to put good things in it too. :)

I also got a very good night of sleep last night. Too many late nights because of the Olympics and ministry things. All great things, but it was good to rest last night rather than go to watch North and South with the girls. I needed some down time at home with my sweetheart, especially since we have stuff Monday-Thursday night this week. :)
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