Took a rest that watered my soul

I needed it. After the January 30 meeting of Women Becoming, I took a five day rest from all things related to it. I also shut down FACED email loop and Tia ended Grace Shade Tree website but not the loop. I took a well-earned rest from all that I had been doing in January, went to the doctor to see about my insomnia (she thinks it is related to menopausal symptoms), ran or walked everyday, and slow-down. Lovely. Just what the doctor ordered.

I am out of the prison that I chose to walk back into by please people. So, I said lots of NO's that week, and I am still alive. Now, my biggest challenge will be saying no to the person who badgers me most of all. She has been otherwise occupied, and she really hasn't badgered me for quite some time, but I am afraid that this summer will be another repeat of last summer, and I can't take that again. :(

So, I need to pray. Ginny and Lorraine are praying too.

Sunday morning is quiet. Paul is sick. So, I stayed behind to be with him and will go to second service when Michael can come back and be with Paul. My Lord and my family are such rocks and refuges for me.
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