"My Day"

The last couple of days, we have been learning about The Great Depression and The New Deal. That has led us into a mini-character study of Eleanor Roosevelt.

WOW! I love that woman and wouldn't mind reading some other things on her life from some adult books. We read Eleanor with story and pictures by Barbara Cooney. They were beautiful illustrations. This dealt more with her early life. The other one was a simple "Step into Reading" book called Eleanor Everywhere: The Life of Eleanor Roosevelt. One thing that struck me was that she wrote a daily newspaper column called "My Day." In it, she worte about the things she saw while traveling around the country. She wrote about what was going on in the White House.

I had JUST been saying to myself that I should write about my day in a Easter letter for our friends (I prayed through our Christmas letters this morning. So, it made me think of this.) So, it was funny to see that Eleanor Roosevelt had the same idea. I also thought that that is what I am doing on this blog. I am just talking about "My Day." For me, it is nothing profound, but I like it.

One thing that I noticed about all the letters we read were all the sports and activities that people talk about in their letters. Their kids are busy. George and I were joking about how our letter would read. It isn't nearly exciting, but we LOVE our time together. Our kids are happy and enjoy school, enjoy their little group of friends, enjoy God and church, enjoy their tennis and swimming (Michael) and walks with mom (Paul) and hikes with Dad. Nothing very exciting about "My Day," but I feel like we are doing just what God has for us to do everyday. Nothing too overly busy or exciting, just life and love of four people and their friends and family.

So, about Eleanor. I guess I didn't realize the SHE was the one that more closely related to Teddy Roosevelt. FDR was a distant cousin of Eleanor. Thus, why they had the same last name! I didn't realize when I read the book Eleanor yesterday that her "Uncle Ted" that she so enjoyed visiting as a child was THE Teddy Roosevelt. She was her direct uncle. So, that was something new.

I just loved her care for the poor and less advantaged. She had a sad (albeit wealthy) life, but she gave back and overcame her sadness and her fears to make something so significant of her life. That was so inspiring. Paul said, "I can hear your crying voice, Mom!" Yes, I was crying toward the end of her life. A life well-lived is always a sentimental inspiration for me.

Right now, we are listening to Emily's Runaway Imagination. It was another one of those books that I had to convince them to listen to. I thought they would jump at it with it being a Beverly Cleary book, but they were biting. All it took was the first chapter on CD, and they were begging for me. I love this story of a girl in Yamhill County, OREGON in the 1920's. She is trying to start a library in Pitchfork (fictitious town), Oregon. So, fun! We are on chapter four right now.

We are stopping at the New Deal. We have set the stage for World War II by looking at the rise of Fascism in Italy, Naziism in Germany, Hirohito in Japan, and Russian Communism in China. We will take a break until the spring from the march of history. In the meantime, we are going to try to read some novels and biographies. I think George will read about Eric Liddel to the boys at night. I did a bit of his life from the Hero Tales II book by Dave and Neta Jackson. I love those vignettes they have of Christian heroes. I had thought of selling these books, but I might save them for any grandchildren that I might have.

Personally, I am also learning about the Holocaust and the rise of Israel through the autobiography of Elie Wiesel. It is called All Rivers Run to the Sea. I am about half way through and will be discussing it with Nikki in late March.

Well, the chapter is almost through, and we still have to finish our science for today.

The rest of today is really FREE. I am thankful!

Looks like
Wash sheets
Call Mom and maybe Jennifer Hellberg? Nikki?
Listen to Basic Theology
Bible Reading and meditation/prayer
Do Holy Spirit Bible Study
Prayer walk
Dinner Prep - What was it that I said we would have for Sabbath?
Olympics! (Work on "Inner Life" stuff for next year's Women Becoming while I am watching)

1 p.m. Lunch with Teala downtown
6:30 p.m. Dessert with Greg and Ava (new neighbors)
I might bake some bread for our two new neighbors too.
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