Singing the Praises of Brainpop

I know that I have mentioned on this blog before, but we sat and watched about five movies today after we studied about genetics in our Usborne Science Encyclopedia. I can't tell you what a great augment it has been to my homeschooling and my own self-education. It is worth every penny of the $70 yearly subscription fee. Today we watched movies about genes, genetic mutation, DNA, diabetes, hair, skin, nails. After each quiz there is a ten questions quiz that reinforces what we just learned. At that point, you can print the quiz out and put it in your kids' notebooks OR you can have the results of your quiz sent to you email so that you can have an electronic record of their progress. So slick!

The movie selection is enormous. In addition to science movies, there are movies on every part of history. We also watch the technology movies. The other day we watched one on the MP3 player. Haven't you always wondered what they REALLY are?

There are also some excellent movies on puberty and thing like your period. They are very tastefully done.

The only drawback is they have an evoluationary bent. This isn't uncommon in any secular science curriculum and can easily be discussed with your kids.

Great site!

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