Freewrite Wednesday

I have been doing "Prayer Reviews" rather than Freewrite lately. So I am switching it up. Anything to avoid doing paperwork for my Pilates class this morning!

Speaking of Pilates, I have let go of the evening SNAP fitness class as of Monday. I told them months ago that I don't think they are making any money, and the manager seemed to be tense about the money situation. I don't know if they get pressure from "corporate" or not, but the old manager never seemed to be concerned about the size of the class and certainly didn't expect me to recruit for it. Now the old members want to continue in my home at the same price, and I don't think I am willing to lead Pilates classes for below minimum wage. The new day and time would afford me not having to do three Pilates classes in one day, two days a week and would spread it out. Also, it would be after three hours of sitting in a chair, but it would make for an extra hour on Tuesday. So I really need to think through things. I am not feeling well this week. So it is not a good time to make a decision.

With that comes multiple requests for my assistance in some way. Every day. I am happy to give my input and meet with people. I just need a bit more margin. I need some more "I" time. I get it in the evenings as there are not any weekly evening commitments for me (extra the SNAP class that ended at 6:30 on MW which, as I said above, has ended). Yesterday was a woman asking me to mentor her, another asking my opinion about putting two people together on a team and do I think that they would click with the team leaders? There were students wanting special treatment because they have medical conditions - if your grade is 78% participation then you are in trouble if you get sick. I am only allowed to have 12% extra credit that does not involve activity. So, they must participate in my class two hours in a row or go to a adapted physical activity class to make up for the time lost. I also always have people in our Kingdom Community asking my opinion too.

So, all the different "pots" don't know what the other "pots" of activity are doing. So, the pots of people don't know how busy I really am. I LOVE having to teach Pilates because it gets me on my bike or walking and then doing Pilates every Monday and Wednesday. I will not give that up any time soon because it gives me balance. A third class was ok for the first year when I was trying to get to 500 hours of instructional time (which I think I am very close to achieving). Getting certified in Pilates was a VERY good decision. I do not regret it.

So, I may not go up to Newberg. There is snow in the forecast. I am not feeling well. The other alternative is to go to the Abbey in Lafayette. I think I need to sort through stuff. It has been a month since I had a day of prayer too. SO, I am evaluating how I feel at the end of the whole thing.

Lord give me wisdom about the rest of this week.

Give me wisdom about Wellspring. I want to do the right thing. I am glad that the little "blip" was resolved, but I must confess that it brought to light that I don't feel like it is the best "fit" for me. I didn't really think about what my needs were in the whole thing. I really would like to be around like-hearted people who are my age. I have closer to that with the new Kingdom Community, and in some ways, I hate to have it end in the Spring. This is a GREAT group. I don't know if they like it as much as I do, but I REALLY like them. SO, there you go. They are leaders in their own right and a little bit more outwardly focused than the Wellspring group.

I just need to think it through.

I will say one thing. I love my time with You God! My mornings are my oasis time. I love getting up early and soaking in your stories. This morning was halfway through the story of Joseph. I couldn't stop!

But my freewrite time has concluded so on to prayer and the pesky paperwork I was avoiding. I have 1 hour 15 minutes before I need to leave though. SO, I think I am fine.

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