Prayer Review from Last Saturday to Today

What made me feel most alive and in tune with God's plan:

  • Resting at home all weekend and not going to any of the prayer events. Listening to my God about taking care of my body.
  • Eating healthy
  • Teaching Pilates at OSU and dropping SNAP Fitness Pilates
  • Riding my bike to and from work in the crisp winter air
  • Listening to the end of Genesis and the story of JOSEPH! (still my favorite person in the Bible behind God and Jesus!)
  • Prayer - sweet hours of prayer. Especially with Kingdom Community.
  • Prayer and meeting with this stellar group of Kingdom Community people this year - Heather, Rebekah, Nancy, and Sharon. So life-giving to me on so many levels. They liked reading The Divine Conspiracy. Go figure!
  • Reading Divine Conspiracy and finding it continues to touch my SOUL.
  • Discussing Divine Conspiracy with Kingdom Community.
  • Amy asking me to mentor her. I love to mentor women! That is so life-giving for me and so in tune with God's design for me.
  • Serving at Southside for the 9th school year!
  • Doing this with my family and one of my besties (Teala)!
(So right now, I am spending a day in prayer and am going to go over the last few months of doing this exercise and seeing the pattern of what is life-giving and what is deadening. I see the most life-giving things are exercise [and teaching others about the benefits], prayer [especially intercession], Bible, meeting and mentoring/training are all very life-giving for me.)

What made me feel most dead and not in tune with God's plan:
  • Feeling overwhelmed at having to take the food handler's certification exam again because I had no margin.
  • People-pleasing. Should I do this Pilates class as home? Do I have the margin? Am I just doing it because others want me to do it?
  • Trying to schedule things with other busy people! UGH!
Ways to show my love for God and others today:

Worship and Intercession

Follow up from yesterday's commitment:

Prayer walk with George once the fog clears (the fog never cleared, and I stayed in bed all day; but we went for a walk on Sunday). Take care of my body by resting more today (all day). I think I was too busy this week and run myself down a bit (very true - I am a true introvert. I had extra people time and was plum worn out). Continue to pray for Molly's support so she can go back to the Dutch Bros time (I don't think I did that, and I will do that today) . 

Gifts God has given not already covered in feeling alive:

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