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This is a Wellness Blog. I been reporting spiritual (Prayerful Reviews) and emotional (Prayerful Reviews) and mind (book reviews) wellness, but it has been a while since I did some physical stuff.

Well, my lifelong effort to maintain my weight really has gone well over the years. I pretty much have not been overweight since January of 2013. So I have kept myself in my weight range for over four years now!


But, I do like to be at the middle of that range rather than the top. I was pressing toward the top of that range in December 2016 (five pounds away from the top but still too close for comfort). So, I decided to get down to the middle when I stepped on the scale on December 12 after eating for five days at an "all-inclusive" resort for my niece, Jenna's, destination wedding in Mexico.

I know weighing the day after I got back was probably really stupid. I quickly lost weight that first week.

I am now in my little range of four pound fluctuation that I want to stay in for the rest of my life!


I have been successfully recording my eating for 61 days since I came back. I am at a 22.5 BMI, and I have eaten an average calorie deficit of 895 calories a day. The deficit was probably more for the last half of December because I was doing much more cardio. I lost 10 pounds between 12/12-1/12 (but seriously probably three pounds of that was water weight after traveling and eating a ton of food).

It is always harder for me to lose when I start teaching Pilates at OSU and SNAP because I only have so many hours in the day for exercise, and those formerly cardio hours at about 400 calorie burn per hour were replaced by strength and stretching hours of about 120 calories per hour. So, the loss has been much slower (and my daily burn is naturally going down as I lose more weight too) at only six pounds from 1/12-2/11. I also started weight training at the beginning of January, so it is probably due to muscle weight too.

The good news is that I traded two of my six Pilates hours for cardio hours because I quit teaching my SNAP night classes. I have three students who really want me to continue teaching the class in my basement, but unless I get enough students, it just is not worth it for me to teach, and I could do the whole routine on my own in 23 minutes and use the rest of the time to do cardio.

Speaking of cardio, I am going to do some aerobic weight training and elliptical today. So, it might be more than six pounds by tomorrow!

That is a quick overview.

The big thing for me to record is the average calorie deficit was 895 per day. I want to get down a little more to be at the bottom of my four pound weight fluctuation (3.2 pounds to go). Then, I will slowly add in more calories so I can really determine how much I should eat each day to maintain! That is my goal for the rest of the year starting in March.

Little by little gets the job done.

Slow and steady wins the race.

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