Tuesday Fifteen Freewrite

I cannot even think how long it has been since I had a freewrite time. I am in the middle of the book of Isaiah (actually more than halfway. woohoo.), and I am taking a break. I was supposed to meet with Teala today, but she canceled, which was God's wonderful sovereignty because one of the Kingdom Community girls stopped by, and we talked about some pretty important stuff until I had to start my staff meeting. That has been done for twenty minutes, and I have been working on this book. I have finished most of Volume 3 of the Old Testament Year Two which is the Kingdom of Judah to Captivity; but I saved Isaiah and Jeremiah for last because they are such big books.  I always forget how much I LOVE Isaiah! So much juicy, wonderful stuff there, but I have to admit that Jesus is only about 700 years away. I cannot wait. About this time, I do go through "battle fatigue" after all the wars and bad kings and then all the gloom and doom of some the prophets, but Isaiah says that help is on the way, and I am glad for that.

I was just in a meeting with a lot of people very down. It makes me sad. Morale is low, and I need to just lift that up to You in prayer and leave it there. 

Well, I am sure my 15 minutes is up, but I forgot to put on the timer. I want to get back to work and finish Isaiah by tonight! WOOHOO!

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