Tired, Happy, and Sore

Thursday Freewrite 

I find it is feast or famine with me. This week has been active, and I am tired. We went to Silver Creek Falls and The Oregon Garden yesterday for a total of nine hours of being out and about. Then, we came home and went out as a family, celebrating the boys finishing their finals. It was great, but I could barely get out of bed this morning.  I wonder why?

I had all sorts of grand intentions about getting myself to Group Power at 9:20 am, but I cannot seem to move. Tuesday and Wednesday I had so much energy, I wrote for two hours, went to Group Power did elliptical, met with Kathleen. Yesterday I ploughed through all my work early in the morning before our excursion. Now, I am ready to go back to bed.

I am sore from Group Power though. It didn't hit me so hard yesterday, and it was good to walk all day, but I am more sore today than Wednesday. Pilates and private weight lifting isn't cutting it for me. Group Power challenges me beyond, and I haven't been back since I hurt my back (maybe two times). I thought I was getting just as good of workouts, but after Tuesday, I realized that I was WRONG. It hurts right where it should for me to get back to being really strong again. I realized that I never had back problems when I did Group Power. 

So, I am doing it at least two times a week. I feel it today in my triceps and between the shoulder blades (where I am weakest). Surprisingly, I am not sore in my glutes. I thought that would be where I would feel it the most, but I guess all the walking I have been doing has really strengthened that part of my body.

I got through a few chapters of Isaiah this week. So, I am up to Isaiah 54. I would really like to be through it. I skipped and went on to Micah and flew through it. I might skip Jeremiah and go to some Psalms or something. I have big books after Isaiah: Jeremiah and Ezekiel. They are not for the faint at heart. This was the toughest part of Bible Book Club for me last time. I longed for Jesus when I was plowing through the judgment and glad I didn't grow up in Old Testament times! I have 73 more posts for 2012. That is about 2 1/2 posts per week. It is a discipline, but it is such a worthwhile discipline, even if nothing comes of it.

My walking and praying has been the highlight of my life since my personal prayer retreat! I have loved walking and praying for peoples. So rewarding!  I have some really nice days of sunshine for it too. YAY!

Well, I think I am running out of time, and I am really glad I could get my fingers walking through the keys before I tackle another day of writing. Lisa canceled on me today. SO, I have more time and just a talk with Heather and dinner and discipleship with the family tonight. YAY!

I love my life even though I am tired and sore today! Bye! 

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