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Well-Watered Soul

I couldn't be happier. My soul is feeling so lifted to God lately. I decided to cut back on the morbid tragedies for a while and read some things that life up my soul. Of course, I am reading the Bible, and it really helps that I am now in the "hopeful" part of Isaiah (51) because the judgment part was also when I was going through the little overwhelming mini-funk that I have been going through because of being out of BALANCE! So, that is so great. 

A few of the things that I have read include: 

Holy Invitations:Exploring Spiritual Direction by Bakke 
The Weight of Glory and Other Essays by C.S. Lewis
On Prayer and Contemplation by Aquinas (from the Summa Theologica) 
The Art of Christian Listening by Thomas Hart

I am also taking a course called SoulCare 101 for the Certificate in Spiritual Direction I will earn this summer before I do the more intense Spiritual Direction course through the Shalom Prayer Center in Mt. Angel. It will mean a weekly commute 24 weeks a year, but my soul will benefit greatly from it!

One of the most exciting things is what I am learning as I walk and pray (see a previous post about that). I am praying for a different unreached people group for every mile. I love it! I am trying to get out first thing in the morning before I sit down at my computer and to take "walking and praying" breaks throughout the day so that my body doesn't settle into this chair of mine.

Soul is very WELL-WATERED these days!

Well-Educated Mind

As you can see, I am 81% of the way through the list in 100 Great Books, but I am also reading books from The Invitation to the Classics, because the emphasis in that book is books that a believer should read, and they are a little tamer than some of the books on the 100 Great Books list. I am continuing to love my self-education journey so much. 

Currently I am listening to Faust I, but the audiobook from librivox is not very good! The guy who plays Méphistophélès sounds like he has a cold. It is so annoying!

I finished Tess of the D'Urbervilles, and the book is even better than the mini-series! Review is forthcoming! 

Well-Adjusted Heart

Balance has been replaced in my life. YAY! Our Kingdom Community is over, and that has freed up my time to take a break and do other projects. So, I love having balance!

Well-Tuned Strength

Walking! That is really helping my back. I haven't been going to Pilates, mainly because I am wondering if my days at the Timberhill Athletic Club have come to a close, and maybe I should go to campus (cheaper but terrible parking). I still have to think through all of that.

Need to lift weights today, but I am doing great in this department. 
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