Sunday Sighs

I am exhausted! I slept 9 hours last night, and I am still tired after 4 cups of chai and a pot of Boh. Time to not make any major decisions in life and just go with the exhaustion. Long road trip back from Idaho (11 1/2 hours of driving), interrupted sleep on all four nights of vacation, and not drinking enough water on the trail (no refill so had to conserve) and in the car (detest stopping for that). So, I need to hydrate and rest.

Good news: not one bit of soreness from the hiking.
Disappointment: not making it to the lakes on the trail (I think it was called the Cabin Creek one)

I think I was mostly dehydrated because I have been drinking lots of water since I started this post (30 oz.), and I am perking up!


I don't like feeling so sluggish when the sun is shining on a free day!
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