2011 Carol365

3 - After 2.5 Hours of Sleep179 - Me and Dee at Mrs. B's Tea!178 - Photo for Library Thing177 - Idaho Team Comes Home176 - Four on the Gorge175 - Cabin Creek Trail Sawtooths
174 - Overlooking Sun Valley, Idaho173 - Rainbow Promise172 - Debbie's 80's Boom Box171 - Realignment170a - The Idaho Crew170 - Michael's Service Trip
169a - The Leaning Tower of Carol169 - Bed and Breakfast Getaway168 - Visit from Singaporean Friends!167 - Summer Soak in Samuel and Psalms166 - Wonder Worker165 - From the Yard
164 - Wedding Celebration163 - Pure Praise162 - Darkside Theatre161 - Training and Tacos Blitz160 - Dead Swallow159 - Celebrating Class Completion

2011 Carol365, a set on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Crazy adventure of documenting my life using a photo a day. I need ANOTHER project and goal. (Yeah, right)

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