Library Musings

Sunday with Teala was so good. We listened to worship music for many hours. It was so good to just immerse ourselves in worship for the afternoon. The last two mornings, I have immersed by listening to Hillsong.  I did that this morning. Then, I was supposed to meet with a Jehovah's Witness today at 9:30, but she stood me up. So, I called Elizabeth and met with her instead. It was good. Then, I met with George for lunch at Cafe Yumm.

Now, I am at the library. I picked up a book on Indonesia, and I don't know what our trip will look like, but I know the bike trip timing was definitely wrong. Paul has all these college readiness workshops that would have been during the time we were gone. So, one of us had to be here. So, YOU knew before we did. Thank you.

The trip will be more complicated on the ground because we have no plan or agenda. We won't have Brian N. to help us navigate or drive us around. It will be like an Amazing Race! I am excited and petrified in the same breath.

While here I have looked over our schedule for the summer, answered some emails, and disappointed some people by saying no which is something I rather enjoy doing these last five days (I am so healed since last Thursday on that one. I no longer dislike disappointing people because it means I am not disappointing God, and that makes me enormously happy. Seems so simple, but I no longer see the disapproving face, only the Lord's light flooding everything with His heavenly light). 

Now, I am listening to Endurance: Shackleton's Incredible Voyage. I really think it is so interesting and crazy of these people to think they could go on the South Pole and survive. I suppose they did because we wouldn't know the details of the story! I am really interested to see how they get themselves out of this situation. I am thinking that these people have one thing in common: TESTOSTERONE!

Well, I am now going to get to a few more things and then go and work out. Then work more on Bible Book Club, catch up on pictures, and schedule Michael's appointments for his teeth. 

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