Haven't Posted for a While

I always forget to post to this blog. :)  It has the least amount of posts, and I have had it the longest. Well, I guess I had that other one. I really need to write down where that old blog is so that I don't lose it.

Yesterday was a fulfilling day. I got up early and did my first 1 Corinthians post for the Bible Book Club and caught up on a walk with Michelle. Then, I  had my last British Literature class of the year. They turned out to be a very nice and polite group of young people. I really appreciated them so very much. They made me a nice card, and they all brought things for a great meal. It ended peacefully, and I will never regret asking some of the girls who were causing trouble (really only one) to leave. It made for a much better dynamic in the class! I got a good talk with Alicia in too while the kids watched a movie.

After that, I really just goofed off by watching the rest of Road to Avonlea and a little bit of the Tea Party book. I think I will go and drink some tea. I have a volunteer breakfast at the library today. That will be crowded!  After that, I have tea with Kim at Coffee Culture. Then, I will go and exercise since I didn't get to this morning because of the volunteer breakfast.

Tomorrow is lunch with Teala. :)  Great week. My back is still a bit wonky from either overdoing it in Pilates on Friday or not stretching after bike riding on Saturday.
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